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Instructor ~ Christine Williams

Chris is a Transformational Success Coach for Women Wellness Entrepreneurs. With a background building a multi- 6 figure practice in the wellness world, she inspires, encourages and provides simple strategy, structure and the abundant mindset work to support you in creating a thriving coaching or wellness practice.

Christine Williams

Founder and Senior Instructor

I’m Christine Williams, but my friends call me Chris. I love fresh flowers, traveling the world, walks in the woods, inspiring books, sunshine, the mountains, a great cup of coffee, natural remedies, & big hugs. I have a superpower, (I’m a time bender) and I love to teach other women entrepreneurs how to reclaim their time, live, lead and be well so they can create the soulful life and business they desire with flow, freedom and fulfillment. I’ve been captivated with women’s spirituality, holistic health, and empowering women as a vehicle for making the world a better place, since I was a small child marching in the equal rights parades in DC with my grandmother. I’m a Certified Master Transformational Coach, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Life Coach and Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and have learned from some of the top teachers, coaches and mentors in the industry. My secret sauce is working with women to up level the mindset work (the inner game) and creating long term habits of success (the strategy) so they can create the income and make the impact that transforms lives. I believe the world needs more women who are truly empowered to soul-fully and confidently pursue their passion and purpose in a way that doesn’t lead to overwhelm, stress, sickness or burnout. I have some other special superpowers too, like creating heart centered connection and lifestyle strategies that are sustainable for women leaders & entrepreneurs so that they can create lives and businesses that feel abundant and free. I’ve married all of these things together to solve the problem of too many women falling into scarcity, burnout, depletion, overwhelm and feeling like they need to go it alone with hustle and striving instead of freedom, flow and ease. I’m on a mission to help women wellness entrepreneurs overcome the fears, self-doubt, “shoulds,” and lack of knowledge, support, community, and real examples that keep them from playing bigger in all areas of their lives so they can shift from exhausting hustle to empowered flow in their business and life and create ABUNDANCE in all areas. That’s why I’m so passionate about leading high-level + heart centered private coaching sessions, group coaching programs and masterminds with women who are ready to receive the support they need to thrive and create the wellness practice and life their souls came here to create. As a transformational coach for women wellness entrepreneurs, I help you live, lead, & create abundance and freedom, so that you can stop feeling stuck and start taking authentic action. I help you turn your fears into leadership, your vision into your secret sauce, and your self-doubt into empowered action. YOU get to create success on your own terms.

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Kind Words

“Have you hit a wall growing your coaching business? Then I highly encourage you to work with Chris. If you are looking for a ready-made group program, then Launch Well is perfect for you. You not only get a great program that you can rebrand and use right away, you also go through this 6-week program each week, as if you were the client, to learn how to run it. During the remaining 6 weeks, it’s all about you. You get amazing coaching from Chris, gaining clarity and feeling empowered. Chris has a way of helping you dig deep, to learn more about yourself, so that you can be the best version of yourself, and an amazing coach. You will not be sorry you joined Launch Well!”

Cindee- Health coach

“If you've had any time with Chris, you know what a fabulous person and coach she is! If not, you may be the person who is hanging back like I was when I first entered this group...... I decided a testimonial was needed to share with the group to tell you just how amazing, Christine Sahli Williams is as the creator of Abundant Women Wellnesspreneurs and the community she has created! I joined Chris in the Launch Well September 2019 group thinking I was really looking for a program that I could offer to clients that would be a nice format with key points I learned in my training as a health and life coach. The Launch Well program far exceeded any expectations I had! What I got was more than a program, I got an exceptional coach by hiring Chris as my coach who helped me see my value and called me out on the stories I was telling myself of why taking action would either bring failure or success. I also gained a tribe of powerful women who help and encourage each other to keep going in the direction our goals are. These women are now part of my circle of friends that will forever be with me on my journey as a coach. Working with Chris as my coach and the community she has created has been a game changer for me and my business. After I graduated from HCI in June 2019, I knew I needed something but wasn’t sure that furthering my education was the right thing at that time. I was looking for help and support with some of the “simple” stuff. Chris has helped me move the needle and get me out of overwhelm and into action! I didn’t know the “how” but I knew where I wanted to be! Chris’ giving spirit and energy flows out to create a ripple in our lives that we then get to ripple out into our clients lives! Chris helped me see my vision and get into action to create the map. The how’s really do come! I trust her so much that I enrolled in her Activate Abundance 2020 to continue being my coach pushing me to be the kind of coach and business I want to create. Put your trust in Chris as your coach and be a 100% yes for yourself and your business and you will move and achieve what you want!”

Shari- Health and Life Coach

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