Launch WELL is a 12 module self-study program for health coaches and holistic practitioners who want to kickstart or up-level their practice or offerings with a PROVEN done- for-you 6-week wellness program

Scientifically backed and recommended by many holistic health professionals, this 6-week wellness program will help you scale your practice and launch a program of your own that is customizable and easy to add your own brand.

A 12 module self-study experience where you will receive:

A scientifically backed and recommended by many holistic health professionals 6-week wellness program that will help you scale your practice and launch a program of your own that is customizable and easy to add your own brand.

  • A 100% done-for-you 6-week wellness practice that you can edit and rebrand as your own

  • Training on how to take your health coaching practice online, fill your programs, and collaborate with other health professionals

  • A proven heart-centered sales system and nurture your audience marketing method to fill your program quickly

  • The knowledge to establish yourself as the leader in the growing growing health coaching field

  • Lifetime access to your membership portal and any updates

  • Access to the Private Facebook group for one year

  • Three 45 min. sessions with a success coach to be used in the first 90 days

  • One tech session with a VA to help you set up your systems

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Ready For A Breakthrough? I see you sister!

  • You're exhausted trying to learn how to make money doing what you love and just haven't found the right formula for success.

  • You may be a new health coach, life coach, or even a wellness practitioner with the passion and vision to help others in a way that feels authentic to who you are, but the fear of where to start and what to do has left you confused and paralyzed from moving forward.

  • You're trying to figure out how to gain referral partners with doctors and health practitioners, but your not sure what to say, or what to offer and get stopped at the front desk when trying to get an appointment to speak with the doctor or health practitioner.

  • You're feeling frustrated and wondering if you can even make the income you've heard is possible and wonder what you have gotten yourself into.

I get it!!

I didn't know where to start, what to say or even how to partner with doctors and health practitioners. But I knew I could fill a gap for them and help their patients get healthy.

In 2015 I was a new FNTP and health coach, and I struggled for the first year to get my practice started. I didn't know where to start, what to say or even how to partner with doctors and health practitioners. But I knew I could fill a gap for them and help their patients get healthy.

I had all the training and the vision, but not the right simple system.

It wasn't enough to have clutch coupons, business cards, website or the letters after my name. I sent hundreds of emails, personal messages and even snail mail to local doctors and never heard back. It was so frustrating. I wondered if I even made the right decision to be a health coach and nutritional therapy practitioner.

Then I learned a simple and effective way to gain referral partners with local health practitioners, and my practice skyrocketed.

I offered a 6-week wellness program as a resource instead of just my services, and that changed everything.

I learned how to take my practice online and fill my groups with a heart centered low tech way of serving. WITHOUT having to do discovery or breakthrough sessions or the fancy funnels, FB ads or high tech that leaves you OUT of your zone of genius and spinning your wheels. Today I have a thriving 6 figure wellness practice and teach other wellness entrepreneurs how to do the same.

My practice flows with joy and ease and, I do what I LOVE and help change the world in the process. YOU CAN TOO!

How would it feel if you had a ready-to-use 6 week curriculum to kickstart your wellness practice and bring in income TODAY?

Start enrolling clients with a proven group program to help people create a health and lifestyle transformation. Increase your visibility and create a steady stream of clients with collaborations.

In 5 years of running my wellness practice as a certified nutritional therapy practitioner and transformational health and life coach, I've collaborated with doctors and health practitioners to create a thriving practice using this same 6-week program.

I've taken my experience + secrets and created this 90-day program to teach you how to do the same.

Plus, I give you a ready to use 6-week wellness program to launch and grow your wellness practice. Even better, this 6-week wellness program is brandable to make it yours. You can add your logo, your brand, your voice and tweak it to match your ideal client's needs.

You can join in anytime and have access to the entire online portal right away. 

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  • Does this program come with personal support?

    Yes- Inside the Launch WELL Facebook group you can ask your questions and and receive support within the group. If you want personal 1:1 support with Chris- You can purchase personal sessions. Just reach out and we will send you the menu of options.

  • Can I start right away?

    YES- as soon as payment is received you have immediate access to the course and all the files. You can start editing your materials and dive into the content on your time table.

  • What type of holistic practitioners have used your program?

    Health coaches, life coaches, functional nutritional therapy practitioners and even acupuncturists have used this 6-week wellness program to add value and income to their practices.

Kind Words

Shari- Health Coach and Life Coach

I want to take a minute and acknowledge Chris. If you've had any time with Chris, you know what a fabulous person and coach she is! If not, you may be the person who is hanging back like I was when I first entered this group… I decided a testimonial was needed to share with the group to tell you just how amazing Christine Sahli Williams is as the creator of Abundant Women Wellnesspreneurs and the community she has created!

I joined Chris in the Launch Well September 2019 group thinking I was really looking for a program that I could offer to clients that would be a nice format with key points I learned in my training as a health and life coach. The Launch Well program far exceeded any expectations I had!

What I got was more than a program, I got an exceptional coach by hiring Chris as my coach who helped me see my value and called me out on the stories, I was telling myself of why taking action would either bring failure or success. I also gained a tribe of powerful women who help and encourage each other to keep going in the direction our goals are. These women are now part of my circle of friends that will forever be with me on my journey as a coach.

Working with Chris as my coach and the community she has created has been a game changer for me and my business. After I graduated from HCI in June 2019, I knew I needed something but wasn’t sure that furthering my education was the right thing at that time. I was looking for help and support with some of the “simple” stuff. Chris has helped me move the needle and get me out of overwhelm and into action! I didn’t know the “how” but I knew where I wanted to be! Chris’ giving spirit and energy flows out to create a ripple in our lives that we then get to ripple out into our clients lives!

Chris helped me see my vision and get into action to create the map. The hows really do come! I trust her so much that I enrolled in her Activate Abundance 2020 to continue being my coach pushing me to be the kind of coach and business I want to create. Put your trust in Chris as your coach and be a 100% yes for yourself and your business and you will move and achieve what you want! 

Stacey- Health and Life Coach

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